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Hands down the best fundraiser we’ve ever done. It was so much easier than everything we've done in the past and all of our supporters loved it!
Stacey M.
Hi Cody! It's Karen, I wanted to let you know how great our fundraiser turned out! We raised more money than ever before and it covered all of our team expenses! said that they LOVED being able to donate without having to buy anything. Most of the players said it only took an hour to get it done! Thank you for a great idea!!!
Karen S.
It was so simple! No planning, no selling, no deliveries after. We were done in less than an hour. Love this fundraiser!
Corey T.
We will totally be using Fundraising Dots again! These envelopes made our fundraiser so fast and easy I can’t believe we ever did anything else. Everyone loved the envelopes and kept saying,“what a genius way to raise money”.
Margaret S.
This fundraiser really works! The donation amounts let everybody donate. Some people scratch off one or two dots and some people scratch off a whole bunch. Either way, everybody we asked to donate was able to give a couple of dollars. This really keeps the momentum and excitement up and everybody got their dots scratched off in just a couple of hours.
Tom P.
This is a no-brainer! Each envelope totally pays for itself after you get just 2 or 3 dots scratched off… and that only takes about 10 minutes tops.
Jason J.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Every year when our fundraiser would come up I felt like pulling my hair out. The kids were terrible at selling anything and nobody wanted any of it anyways. These envelopes changed everything! All the kids had to do was say, "I’m doing my fundraiser for soccer camp..." and then hand the person the envelope. This will be the only fundraiser we do from now on.
Mary D.
Finally, a pure profit fundraiser. Only complaint is that we didn't do it sooner!
Brent M.