How to ask for fundraising donations

Asking for donations is not an easy task. We have seen this firsthand as the groups we work with have shared their experiences with us. Even the most competent fundraisers have told us that asking for donations can be quite the task. However, there are approaches that you can employ to successfully receive donations.


As a fundraiser, you should know exactly what you are asking for from a supporter. You need to clearly explain to the supporter what exactly you need and why exactly you need it.  Always avoid being vague as this will rob you off any chance you had to receive the donation.

Be ready for rejection

Many times, when you ask for something, you expect the answer to be “yes”. Realize that not everyone will be in a position to donate, even if you employ all the steps required in asking for donations.  Especially after rejection, be sure to maintain an optimistic attitude because that is important for success.

Be prepared to open your mouth

The most common way of asking for a donation is through word of mouth. Be prepared to open your mouth and talk to everyone.

You may decide to create a short presentation explaining the nitty-gritty of your cause. You may decide to use pictures, videos and even drawings to tell your story to the potential supporter.

Be yourself

Do not be too formal when asking for support. Have something prepared to say or share with each person that is simple and sounds natural when you speak. Here are a few examples of how groups have used our fundraising envelopes to ask for money:

Basketball Fundraising Example: We are raising money to help cover the costs of travel, uniforms, and equipment for our basketball team. Will you support us by scratching off two or three dots?

Church Fundraising Example: Our church is raising money to add some additional space to the local homeless shelter. Will you support us by scratching off tow or three dots?

The most successful groups we have worked with are those who remained themselves.

Good luck and happy fundraising!

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