Benefit Concert Fundraising Idea

A benefit concert can be a great idea to raise money. You can also do many different things with a benefit concert that will be good for your school. You can have your school band play or you could have the choir sing. It would also be great to have some of the kids perform their talents in front of the audience.

Making a Profit

You could charge people a small ticket fee at the entrance and you could also sell some snacks/drinks at the show to make a little extra money. Donation bins could also be placed by the entrance or in the aisles of chairs.

Where to Have the Concert

The concert can be held indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. If you have an auditorium in your school then you could hold the concert on the stage. If you have the concert outside then you could hold it at a public park, you could rent out the park for one day and set up some chairs for everyone to sit in. Make sure that you have some way to spread the word about the concert. Mention it on social media, put up some flyers, and tell everyone you know. You want more people to know about it so that more people will come to your concert.

Spending Wisely

You need to make sure that you have enough money and that you have some idea of how much you think that people are going to donate. You should always underestimate how much you think that people are going to donate, and you should always overestimate how much you think that everything is going to cost. This way if people don’t donate as much as you thought that they would it won’t hurt you as bad financially.

Planning the Event

Before you start planning the event you are going to need to get together a group of volunteers to organize the event with you. Make sure that you set deadlines for you and all of your teammates, this will keep everyone on track and on schedule. Communicating with your team is also very important so that they know your goal and can be as much help as possible.

Advantages of a Benefit Concert

Benefit concerts encourage community participation, which will lead to more help with the event. You can also hold this event yearly so that more people are aware of your event and so they come next year. Another advantage of a benefit concert is that people are not always required to spend money, if they are not required to then this can draw more people to your event that are willing to spend money.

Benchmark Fundraising

Scratch off fundraising cards can be a great promotional item. Have the fundraising envelopes available for when people walk in and ask them to scratch off a few dots and make a donation. Hand out flyers telling people about these at the entrance, and mention them when you are telling people about the concert. Offer raffle tickets for every dot that they scratch off and hold a raffle during the event.

School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas

School related fundraising can be tricky. Deciding what fundraiser is the best fit for your group is critical. There are lots of reasons to raise money for your school. Some schools hold fundraisers for books and supplies, extra curriculars, a new gymnasium, or even a new roof, a little extra funds can go a long way. Because let’s face it, it’s not always easy to deliver great education. But fundraising for your school can be easy when you have a few ideas to choose from and when you add in some scratch off fundraising envelopes you could raise even more. So check out some of these exciting school fundraising ideas to inject some extra cash into your projects.

Yard Sale

Everybody loves the chance to get rid of their pre-loved items to free up some space at home. Yard sales can be a fantastic way to get lots of parents and teachers involved to raise some funds for the school. Depending on the weather, you could hold the sale either outside in the parking lot or in your school gym. You could even increase funds by holding a bake sale at the same time.

Book Sale

A book sale can be the perfect way to raise funds to replace old books for new ones and can help to encourage students to read. You could even tie the book sale event with another event to increase foot traffic, such as holding it on the same day as your school yard sale or at the sidelines of one of your school’s sports games.


Auctions can be a great way of generating additional cash, especially if you have some items worth bidding on. Approach local businesses to see if they would like to donate items or services. Many local businesses will love the idea of having their products or businesses advertised because it generates publicity for them and shows that they support their local school and community. During the auction, you can also pass around scratch off fundraising envelopes to encourage extra donations to boost funds.

Christmas Cards

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you can have some of the school kids make or design Christmas cards. You could have winners from each class or year group whose designs will make it to print, and then you could sell those Christmas cards. Even if it’s not Christmas, you could have the students design greetings cards for the season or for birthdays. Work with a local printing shop who might give you a great deal or may even donate their services if you don’t have the facilities in your school. Scratch off fundraising envelopes could also be useful for this, as you can hand them out with the greetings cards.

Sponsored Silence

This could be much appreciated by parents and teachers. Having kids take part in a sponsored silence for a class or a few hours can be a great way to raise some money and encourage other means of communication. It can encourage kids to write down their thoughts and answers which could help them to retain some of the information that they’re learning.

Classroom Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising can often be a difficult task but when you have a class full of kids there are plenty of ways you can raise some much needed cash, whether it’s for field trips, iPads or books. When the whole class gets involved, kids can improve their teamwork skills and have fun, all while generating awareness and funds for their school. So to get you started, here are a few classroom fundraising ideas you might want to try.

Bake Sale

Everybody loves a bake sale and this can be a great way to get people donating in exchange for a sweet treat. Kids and their parents can help to bake goods to sell and you could also get small groups of kids to work together in setting up their own stalls like a business management project. During the bake sale you could also hand out scratch off fundraising envelopes to boost donations.

Host a Movie Night

Your school’s gym can be a great place to host a movie night with a projector. If you have the means to show a movie outside then this can be ideal in warmer months. You can charge a small entry fee and make it available to families so that parents and smaller children can all enjoy it. Make sure you circulate some scratch off fundraising envelopes during the movie too. You could also boost donations by setting up stalls with food and beverages.

Sponsored Silence

This can be a great way to get all the kids involved and have a quiet classroom for the day. Hand out sponsorship forms to all the kids so they can each contribute to the fundraising event. This can also encourage your class to read and write. You could have the silence during class hours and let the kids talk freely during lunch break or recess, or you could go extreme and have it last the entire school day. You could also involve parents and have the silence begin or end at home.


Walkathons can be a fun way to fundraise, as kids and their whole families can get involved, including dogs. Make it a suitable distance for the age and abilities of your class and approach local businesses to see if they might provide food or beverages along the route or if they might sponsor you. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be a good way of boosting donations for a walkathon.

Hold a Talent Show

Kids have many talents and a talent show can be a fantastic way of letting them show their skills in front of their families and friends. Charge a small entry fee for audience members and hand out scratch off fundraising envelopes at the door. You could also boost your donations by including a raffle at the end of the show and selling tickets at the entrance, as since you have a large audience you could raise a lot of extra money. Getting local businesses to donate goods and services can be a good way to encourage raffle ticket sales.

Art Club Fundraising Ideas

Art can be an expensive when it comes to buying equipment and supplies.
Fundraising can be a great way to support your art club and make sure everyone
can enjoy expressing themselves through making and creating beautiful pieces of
art. Whether your art club is at school or in the community, raising some extra funds
can be easy if you know how.

Teach Art

More and more people are looking to learn new skills and art can be a sought after
skill because of its relaxing nature. Cash in on this by offering art classes where you
teach some of the techniques you use and offer advice on how budding artists can
improve on their skills. Take donations as a fee for the class and hand out scratch off
fundraising envelopes for added donations.
Another idea that can be fun is holding an art event/class for young children (but
make sure their parents are always with them to supervise). This way you can take
donations on the day as well as a small set fee to participate. Help kids to create
finger paintings or artwork of their hands or feet. This can get messy so it can be a
good idea to cover the floors beforehand and if you’re outside, cover the ground just
in case.

Sell your Art

Selling your art can be an excellent way to earn a little extra cash. If there are a few
of you in the art club you could hold an art exhibition where people could pay an
entry donation to view the gallery and you could sell the art during the event. Scratch
off fundraising envelopes can be ideal for handing out during the exhibition. Even if
you don’t sell every piece of art you’ll still make some money from the entry
donations and you’ll also be raising the profile of your art club. And you may even
receive commissions to paint or create specific artwork for families or businesses.

Make your Art into Merchandise

This can be a great way of making your art available to a wider range of people. By
creating merchandise, such as greetings cards, T-shirts, canvas bags, keychains,
fridge magnets, etc. you can sell many items with the same design rather than just
one original piece of art. This means it can be more affordable and you could have a
higher chance of selling multiple smaller items compared to just one expensive
piece. Use community events and social media to drum up publicity for your art.

Transform Old Furniture

Old chairs and wooden furniture can end up looking tired and worn out after a while
but you could give these pieces of furniture a new lease of life by painting them. Take
donations in the form of wooden furniture and then paint it to be sold at a craft fair,
school or community event. Handing out scratch off fundraising envelopes with info
on your project can also be a good way to raise additional funds.