School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas School related fundraising can be tricky. Deciding what fundraiser is the best fit for your group is critical. There are lots of reasons to raise money for your school. Some schools hold fundraisers for books and supplies, extra curriculars, a new gymnasium, or even a new roof, a little extra funds can… Continue reading School Fundraising Ideas

Classroom Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising can often be a difficult task but when you have a class full of kids there are plenty of ways you can raise some much needed cash, whether it’s for field trips, iPads or books. When the whole class gets involved, kids can improve their teamwork skills and have fun, all while generating… Continue reading Classroom Fundraising Ideas

Art Club Fundraising Ideas

Art can be an expensive when it comes to buying equipment and supplies.Fundraising can be a great way to support your art club and make sure everyone can enjoy expressing themselves through making and creating beautiful pieces of art. Whether your art club is at school or in the community, raising some extra fund scan… Continue reading Art Club Fundraising Ideas