Classroom Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising can often be a difficult task but when you have a class full of kids there are plenty of ways you can raise some much needed cash, whether it’s for field trips, iPads or books. When the whole class gets involved, kids can improve their teamwork skills and have fun, all while generating awareness and funds for their school. So to get you started, here are a few classroom fundraising ideas you might want to try.

Bake Sale

Everybody loves a bake sale and this can be a great way to get people donating in exchange for a sweet treat. Kids and their parents can help to bake goods to sell and you could also get small groups of kids to work together in setting up their own stalls like a business management project. During the bake sale you could also hand out scratch off fundraising envelopes to boost donations.

Host a Movie Night

Your school’s gym can be a great place to host a movie night with a projector. If you have the means to show a movie outside then this can be ideal in warmer months. You can charge a small entry fee and make it available to families so that parents and smaller children can all enjoy it. Make sure you circulate some scratch off fundraising envelopes during the movie too. You could also boost donations by setting up stalls with food and beverages.

Sponsored Silence

This can be a great way to get all the kids involved and have a quiet classroom for the day. Hand out sponsorship forms to all the kids so they can each contribute to the fundraising event. This can also encourage your class to read and write. You could have the silence during class hours and let the kids talk freely during lunch break or recess, or you could go extreme and have it last the entire school day. You could also involve parents and have the silence begin or end at home.


Walkathons can be a fun way to fundraise, as kids and their whole families can get involved, including dogs. Make it a suitable distance for the age and abilities of your class and approach local businesses to see if they might provide food or beverages along the route or if they might sponsor you. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be a good way of boosting donations for a walkathon.

Hold a Talent Show

Kids have many talents and a talent show can be a fantastic way of letting them show their skills in front of their families and friends. Charge a small entry fee for audience members and hand out scratch off fundraising envelopes at the door. You could also boost your donations by including a raffle at the end of the show and selling tickets at the entrance, as since you have a large audience you could raise a lot of extra money. Getting local businesses to donate goods and services can be a good way to encourage raffle ticket sales.

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