Benefit Concert Fundraising Idea

A benefit concert can be a great idea to raise money. You can also do many different things with a benefit concert that will be good for your school. You can have your school band play or you could have the choir sing. It would also be great to have some of the kids perform their talents in front of the audience.

Making a Profit

You could charge people a small ticket fee at the entrance and you could also sell some snacks/drinks at the show to make a little extra money. Donation bins could also be placed by the entrance or in the aisles of chairs.

Where to Have the Concert

The concert can be held indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. If you have an auditorium in your school then you could hold the concert on the stage. If you have the concert outside then you could hold it at a public park, you could rent out the park for one day and set up some chairs for everyone to sit in. Make sure that you have some way to spread the word about the concert. Mention it on social media, put up some flyers, and tell everyone you know. You want more people to know about it so that more people will come to your concert.

Spending Wisely

You need to make sure that you have enough money and that you have some idea of how much you think that people are going to donate. You should always underestimate how much you think that people are going to donate, and you should always overestimate how much you think that everything is going to cost. This way if people don’t donate as much as you thought that they would it won’t hurt you as bad financially.

Planning the Event

Before you start planning the event you are going to need to get together a group of volunteers to organize the event with you. Make sure that you set deadlines for you and all of your teammates, this will keep everyone on track and on schedule. Communicating with your team is also very important so that they know your goal and can be as much help as possible.

Advantages of a Benefit Concert

Benefit concerts encourage community participation, which will lead to more help with the event. You can also hold this event yearly so that more people are aware of your event and so they come next year. Another advantage of a benefit concert is that people are not always required to spend money, if they are not required to then this can draw more people to your event that are willing to spend money.

Benchmark Fundraising

Scratch off fundraising cards can be a great promotional item. Have the fundraising envelopes available for when people walk in and ask them to scratch off a few dots and make a donation. Hand out flyers telling people about these at the entrance, and mention them when you are telling people about the concert. Offer raffle tickets for every dot that they scratch off and hold a raffle during the event.

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