Cheap Fundraising Ideas

Cheap Fundraising Ideas for Teams, Groups, Schools, and Nonprofits

As an organization, fundraising is crucial to fulfilling your mission. However, coming up with creative and effective fundraising ideas can be a challenge, especially if you have a tight budget.

Fortunately, there are many cheap and easy ways to fundraise that can help you reach your goals without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Host a bake sale or yard sale. These types of events are easy to organize and can be a fun way to raise funds. Simply ask members of your organization or community to donate baked goods or gently used items, and then set up a table or booth to sell them.
  2. Host a car wash. This is another easy event to organize, and all you need is a supply of water, soap, and towels. Charge a small fee for each car wash and consider offering additional services like tire shining or interior cleaning for an extra fee.
  3. Set up a lemonade stand. This classic fundraising idea is perfect for a hot summer day. Simply set up a table with a pitcher of lemonade and some cups, and ask for a small donation in exchange for a refreshing drink. You can also sell lemonade by the glass or by the gallon to businesses in your community.
  4. Organize a garage sale. Similar to a yard sale, a garage sale can be a great way to raise funds. Simply ask members of your organization or community to donate items, and then set up a sale in a garage or other location.
  5. Host a movie night. Rent a projector and screen and charge a small fee for attendees to watch a movie. You can also sell popcorn, candy, and other concessions to raise additional funds.
  6. Set up a donation jar. This is a simple way to fundraise that can be done at any time. Simply create a jar with a sign explaining your fundraising efforts, and ask people to donate spare change or small bills.
  7. Host a talent show. This is a fun way to engage the community and raise funds at the same time. Simply ask people to sign up to perform in the talent show, and charge a small fee for attendees to watch.
  8. Organize a raffle. This is a great way to raise funds and create excitement among your supporters. Simply ask for donations from businesses or individuals, and then sell tickets for a chance to win the donated prizes.

By using these cheap and easy fundraising ideas, you can raise the funds you need.

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