Fundraising Ideas for your School Drama Club

There are plenty of ways you can raise money for your drama club and all of them
can be as much fun as you want them to be. If you’re in a drama club, you’re
probably extremely creative, so you can easily take any of these ideas and really
make them your own by putting your own personal twist on them. So grab your
scratch off fundraising envelopes and let’s check out some of the best ways to
fundraise for your school drama club.

Put on a Show

Now, this is the obvious one. But you can add as much glitz and glam as you want to
truly make it your own. Get everyone in your drama group involved and come up with
a great show to stage, whether it’s a play or a musical. Or if you have some pretty
talented songwriters and composers on your team, you could create a musical out of
a traditional play. Find a place to stage it, such as your school gym hall, auditorium,
theater or even ask at a local church. Make sure you do some creative marketing to
get the word out and charge an admission fee. Hand out scratch off fundraising
envelopes during the show or intermission. You could also create memorabilia to sell
at your event, and even have your cast sign copies of your marketing posters or
programs in exchange for donations.

Singing Birthday Cards

This can be a fun way to make someone’s day. Hire yourselves out to sing birthday
greetings, just like a singing telegram. You can join up in groups or go solo. This can
also be a pretty lucrative gig if you do it around Christmas time or other special
occasions, like Mother’s Day.

Score Advertising

A great way to raise additional funds for your drama club is to approach local
businesses who might want to advertise their products or companies in your show
programs. Rather than take cash as payment, you could always take goods or
services that you can then auction off or hold a raffle. When you approach the
businesses make sure you also hand out some scratch off fundraising envelopes to
encourage extra donations.

Hold a Talent Show

Encourage more people to join your drama club and draw attention to your skills by
holding a talent show. Open it up to everyone so there’s a range of talents, from
music to magic and sports to comedy. Charge a fee for every participant, as well as
an admission charge to audience members. Don’t forget to pass around your scratch
off fundraising envelopes before and during the show.


A dance-a-thon can be a fun experience for everyone, if not also pretty exhausting.
Raise funds in advance by charging a fee for participation. Get local businesses
involved and find someone to provide catering and refreshments throughout the
event. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be passed around during the event too.
Remember to factor in some breaks to allow people to take a seat and grab a snack
or drink.

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