Fundraising Ideas for your School Soccer Team

Trying to raise money for your school soccer team can be a lot of fun. Plus, it can give you the chance to raise enough cash to purchase new team jerseys, fund your travel to away games and even fund team field trips. And when you have a whole soccer team ready to get involved in the fundraising, the more money you can bring in.

Family Soccer Game Fundraising Idea

A family soccer game can be a fantastic way of raising some cash for your team and can be a great way to bring everyone together. Have your teammates round up their family members for a day of fun. Everyone can get involved, both young and old and once you have all your players, you can arrange games with teams based on generations, or genders or even families if you have enough players. Charge an entry fee for each player and use scratch off fundraising envelopes to help gather extra donations both on the day and beforehand.

Car Wash Fundraising Idea

Washing cars can be an easy way to rack up lots of donations, especially when you have a team full of players willing to get involved. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be used in the run-up to the day of car washing and can still be used on the day to encourage additional donations. Charge a set amount for each car and maybe a little more for larger vehicles, such as minivans and SUVs.

Bagging Groceries Fundraising Idea

Bagging groceries in your local grocery store can be a quick way to raise money. Check with your local grocery store first to make sure they’ll allow it. But having each of your teammates bagging groceries at the checkout can encourage people to donate. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be useful here too and may lead to an increase in the number of people donating. If you have a young team or a lot of teammates, you can also work in pairs if it’s a smaller store.

Raffle Fundraising Idea

Generally, people like the idea of paying for something where they might have a chance at a prize, so a raffle can be a good idea to help raise some cash. Speak to local stores and businesses to see if there’s anything they would like to donate, such as beauty gifts, food, hotel stays or dining out options. Make sure the raffle tickets you sell will cover any costs as well as give you a good profit.

Sponsorships Fundraising Idea

Local businesses are often a great go-to when it comes to finding sponsorships for school sports teams. By approaching local businesses you could get them to pay for new soccer jerseys or equipment in exchange for having their business advertised on your kits. And don’t forget, you can always have more than one sponsor. Sponsors can be a great way of getting the equipment you need while keeping the additional funds you raise for when you head out on the road to play your rivals in another city or state. Plus, your sponsors will then be benefiting from their business being advertised all across the state or even the country.

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