Fundraising Ideas for your School Soccer Team

Trying to raise money for your school soccer team can be a lot of fun. Plus, it can give you the chance to raise enough cash to purchase new team jerseys, fund your travel to away games and even fund team field trips. And when you have a whole soccer team ready to get involved in the fundraising, the more money you can bring in.

Family Soccer Game Fundraising Idea

A family soccer game can be a fantastic way of raising some cash for your team and can be a great way to bring everyone together. Have your teammates round up their family members for a day of fun. Everyone can get involved, both young and old and once you have all your players, you can arrange games with teams based on generations, or genders or even families if you have enough players. Charge an entry fee for each player and use scratch off fundraising envelopes to help gather extra donations both on the day and beforehand.

Car Wash Fundraising Idea

Washing cars can be an easy way to rack up lots of donations, especially when you have a team full of players willing to get involved. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be used in the run-up to the day of car washing and can still be used on the day to encourage additional donations. Charge a set amount for each car and maybe a little more for larger vehicles, such as minivans and SUVs.

Bagging Groceries Fundraising Idea

Bagging groceries in your local grocery store can be a quick way to raise money. Check with your local grocery store first to make sure they’ll allow it. But having each of your teammates bagging groceries at the checkout can encourage people to donate. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be useful here too and may lead to an increase in the number of people donating. If you have a young team or a lot of teammates, you can also work in pairs if it’s a smaller store.

Raffle Fundraising Idea

Generally, people like the idea of paying for something where they might have a chance at a prize, so a raffle can be a good idea to help raise some cash. Speak to local stores and businesses to see if there’s anything they would like to donate, such as beauty gifts, food, hotel stays or dining out options. Make sure the raffle tickets you sell will cover any costs as well as give you a good profit.

Sponsorships Fundraising Idea

Local businesses are often a great go-to when it comes to finding sponsorships for school sports teams. By approaching local businesses you could get them to pay for new soccer jerseys or equipment in exchange for having their business advertised on your kits. And don’t forget, you can always have more than one sponsor. Sponsors can be a great way of getting the equipment you need while keeping the additional funds you raise for when you head out on the road to play your rivals in another city or state. Plus, your sponsors will then be benefiting from their business being advertised all across the state or even the country.

Fundraising Ideas for your School Drama Club

There are plenty of ways you can raise money for your drama club and all of them
can be as much fun as you want them to be. If you’re in a drama club, you’re
probably extremely creative, so you can easily take any of these ideas and really
make them your own by putting your own personal twist on them. So grab your
scratch off fundraising envelopes and let’s check out some of the best ways to
fundraise for your school drama club.

Put on a Show

Now, this is the obvious one. But you can add as much glitz and glam as you want to
truly make it your own. Get everyone in your drama group involved and come up with
a great show to stage, whether it’s a play or a musical. Or if you have some pretty
talented songwriters and composers on your team, you could create a musical out of
a traditional play. Find a place to stage it, such as your school gym hall, auditorium,
theater or even ask at a local church. Make sure you do some creative marketing to
get the word out and charge an admission fee. Hand out scratch off fundraising
envelopes during the show or intermission. You could also create memorabilia to sell
at your event, and even have your cast sign copies of your marketing posters or
programs in exchange for donations.

Singing Birthday Cards

This can be a fun way to make someone’s day. Hire yourselves out to sing birthday
greetings, just like a singing telegram. You can join up in groups or go solo. This can
also be a pretty lucrative gig if you do it around Christmas time or other special
occasions, like Mother’s Day.

Score Advertising

A great way to raise additional funds for your drama club is to approach local
businesses who might want to advertise their products or companies in your show
programs. Rather than take cash as payment, you could always take goods or
services that you can then auction off or hold a raffle. When you approach the
businesses make sure you also hand out some scratch off fundraising envelopes to
encourage extra donations.

Hold a Talent Show

Encourage more people to join your drama club and draw attention to your skills by
holding a talent show. Open it up to everyone so there’s a range of talents, from
music to magic and sports to comedy. Charge a fee for every participant, as well as
an admission charge to audience members. Don’t forget to pass around your scratch
off fundraising envelopes before and during the show.


A dance-a-thon can be a fun experience for everyone, if not also pretty exhausting.
Raise funds in advance by charging a fee for participation. Get local businesses
involved and find someone to provide catering and refreshments throughout the
event. Scratch off fundraising envelopes can be passed around during the event too.
Remember to factor in some breaks to allow people to take a seat and grab a snack
or drink.

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

There are many different exciting ways you can fundraise for breast cancer charities. No matter what breast cancer charity you choose, whether it’s for medical research to develop new treatments or to directly help those suffering, you will be helping to draw attention to an important cause that affects millions of women across the world, with hundreds of thousands of women being diagnosed each year in the US alone.

So how can you raise as much money as possible for your chosen breast cancer charity? Here are some ideas that can help.

Pink Car Wash Fundraising Idea

For this one, you will need to round up the men in your life and get them to help. Have them all wear pink, the well known color for breast cancer charities around the world, and hold a car wash. This can be a fun way for the guys to get involved and can attract some serious attention to your fundraising efforts. Make sure all the guys have their own scratch off fundraising envelopes so they can maximize donations.

Sponsored Walks Fundraising Idea

A sponsored walk can be a great way of gathering up your whole family, including your dog, and heading out on the trail to raise some money. Because it’s a walk and not a run, it can be easier for people to participate but you can make it long enough that people will be encouraged to donate. Maybe you could have a pink theme too, such as having everyone wear one pink item, no matter how small. Use the scratch off fundraising envelopes to collect donations more easily.

Hair Stylist Party Fundraising Idea

For this one, you would need to get some of your local hairstylists on board. But this can be a great idea for fundraising. Because with some cancer treatments, women can often lose their hair, this can be one way of making these women and others feel great. Hair stylists can style wigs for those going through treatment or style hair for those who are not. You could even host a haircutting drive for anyone with long hair who would be willing to donate their hair for wigs.

Pink Party Fundraising Idea

Go nuts with the pink theme and host a pink party. You could host it in your home or in your backyard and invite all your friends and their friends. Make it a tea party or even a barbeque with pink decorations to highlight your cause. The scratch off fundraising envelopes can work well for gathering donations at a party. You can have your guests donate on arrival or hand out the fundraising envelopes during the event.

Fundraising Yoga Class

Yoga is known to be a good way to relax and stretch without using too much energy. This means it can be ideal for breast cancer sufferers, those who are in recovery and everyone else. Make sure you can get a certified yoga instructor to teach the class but you could hold the class outside in the park if it’s nice, which could encourage others to join in and donate.

School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be an essential part of school life. Whether you’re fundraising for an awesome field trip, a special event, a favorite charity or simply for some new supplies for your school, there’s always something that you need to raise money for. But fundraising doesn’t have to be boring; you can make it as fun as you like. Really, you can turn pretty much anything into a fundraising event. And we have a few exciting fundraising ideas to inspire you and get you started.

Sponsored Dog Walk

A sponsored dog walk can be a great way of raising money. Plus, everyone gets to bring their dogs along. Even if you don’t have a dog, you could borrow one or simply join in the fun without one. Everyone in your family can get involved and it’s a fun way of getting active together.

Simply set out a route and a distance and use fundraising scratch off envelopes to gather your donations together. People can donate as little or as much as they want for this type of event, so it can give your sponsors more freedom. You could even raise more money if you let people dress up in costume – kids especially will love dressing up and it could encourage them to join in. Dog costumes and onesies could work particularly well for this.

Afternoon Tea/Bake Sale

Bake sales are pretty popular fundraising methods but to spice it up a bit you could combine it with our scratch off fundraising envelopes. Get everyone to bake treats and goodies to sell at the event but also serve tea, lemonade and sandwiches. Older kids could act as servers.

You could set prices for each item but keep it affordable to encourage people to spend their cash.

You could even give your tea party a theme, such as, a royal garden party, where everyone could dress up in dresses and suits, or a Mad Hatter’s tea party, where the decorations are mismatched and everything looks whimsical.

Talent Show

Host your own America’s Got Talent and charge an entry fee for each participant and for each audience member. Pass our scratch off fundraising envelopes around during the show. If you’re able to use the school gym or assembly hall, even better.

Quiz Night

Everyone loves a quiz and this can be a fun way to get everyone together. You could charge for team or individual entry and have a small prize at the end. Try to attract local businesses to your event and they might want to donate a prize or offer their services. Send each business home with a fundraising envelope, tell them you will collect it in a week.

This can be a good event for families to work together. Theme your questions and make sure there are some questions in there that younger kids should know.


Dances are excellent ways to fundraise, especially for schools. Find out if you can use the gym hall and you won’t have to worry about a venue. To keep costs low, ask parents, students and teachers to make decorations and tickets for the event.

There are lots of themes you could choose for your dance. You could even make it an old fashioned dance and take inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries. Or go back to the 70s for a disco theme.

Another thing you could do to raise extra funds is have a dance competition during your event. Both kids and adults will enjoy showing off their moves and competing against each other.