School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be an essential part of school life. Whether you’re fundraising for an awesome field trip, a special event, a favorite charity or simply for some new supplies for your school, there’s always something that you need to raise money for. But fundraising doesn’t have to be boring; you can make it as fun… Continue reading School Fundraising Ideas

5 Components of a Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising can be difficult, it can be time consuming and expensive. The success of the fundraiser depends on careful planning. Preparation and planning will determine what you need for the fundraiser to be a success. 1. Fundraising Purpose Consider the purpose of the fundraiser and write down a purpose statement to share with others. The… Continue reading 5 Components of a Successful Fundraiser

How to ask for fundraising donations

Asking for donations is not an easy task. We have seen this firsthand as the groups we work with have shared their experiences with us. Even the most competent fundraisers have told us that asking for donations can be quite the task. However, there are approaches that you can employ to successfully receive donations. Clarity… Continue reading How to ask for fundraising donations

How to Increase Fundraising Profits

Fundraising can be used for many causes. Regardless the cause, if you want to get the most out of your fundraising efforts, then embrace to respect the word “profit”. You can maximize your profit by cutting down expenditure, planning in detail and finding unique ways to maximize fundraising revenues. Start with, Minimizing Costs! To increase… Continue reading How to Increase Fundraising Profits